St. John’s – Wexford Camino

St. John's

The church which once stood here was dedicated to St John the Baptist. The patron was held every year on 23ʳᵈ June, the eve of the feast of St. John.

For a time it was the principal church of the Order of St. John’s Hospitallers in Ireland The St Johns’ Hospitallers were founded in 1023 in Jerusalem to care for pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land.

Their first hospital was on the site of the grave of John the Baptist. The church here was granted to the order by William Marshall in the early part of the 13th century. It was the only medieval church in Wexford to have a spire.

It was demolished in 1650 and the stones were taken away to repair Wexford castle. The graveyard (mainly used by Catholics), continued to be used until the opening of Crosstown Cemetery on the other side of Wexford Harbour. The Talbot family mausoleum contains the remains of John Edward Redmond MP leader of the Irish Party who died on 6ᵗʰ March 1918.

In this graveyard there is part of a medieval sarcophagus standing upright to mark another grave.


Heavenly Father,

Having followed in the footsteps of Saint Ibar and all the holy men and women of Wexford, help me to ponder the faith that they witnessed to and passed on.

Like Saint Ibar on Begerin Island in Wexford Harbour, may I preserve an island of peace within me where I can meet with you Lord and hear your voice.

Like our ancestors in faith throughout the ages of Wexford, may I seek to serve you Lord and all those I encounter on my journey.

When times are difficult, may I remember the struggles of the holy people of Wexford and persevere in life knowing that you are always with me.

And like Fr Roche who built the Twin Churches, help me to build the Kingdom of God here in my own time within my family and community.

May the Twin Church spires of Wexford, pointing gracefully to the sky, remind me to seek first your Kingdom and all other things shall then be added (Matt. 6:33).

I ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Saint Ibar pray for us.