Saint Magdelen’s

In the “List of Churches and Chapels of the Barony of Forth previous to the arrival of Cromwell” we find “a Church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalen (Maudlin-town) let fall into ruin after being sacked and profanely used as a dwelling house. A hospital for lepers adjoining the latter Church, the houses, lands and revenues belonging to same, being given to the soldiery.”

In 1408 King Henry IV had granted to one John Rochford the custody of the hospital for lepers under the invocation of the Brethren and Sisters of St. Mary Magdalen near Wexford.

“Leper hospitals were numerous is throughout Ireland. They seem to have been filled with patients suffering from “scorbutic” affection caused by eating unseasonable salmon and other salted food both of which formed their principal; articles of food during the winter, prior to the adoption of modes of feeding cattle which render them available during this (winter) season of the year.”