Urgent call to Prayer for the Holy Land 27 October 2023

Dear friends. In this video, Archbishop Eamonn Martin speaks for all of us when he describes our feelings of dread and sadness over the events unfolding in Israel and Gaza over the last three weeks. 

In these dark days and with a humanitarian disaster looming, Pope Francis has summoned every Faith community to pray and fast for world peace on Friday 27th October, that is tomorrow. 

Here in the Parish of Wexford, the three daily Masses at 8and 10am in Bride St and 5.45pm in Rowe St, will be votive Masses offered specifically for world peace. In Bride St, immediately after the 10am Mass, there will be Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on the main Altar until 6pm. 

Can I encourage all parishioners to join us in prayer tomorrow and to fast for peace in response to the appeal of Pope Francis. 

The need is urgent and critical. 

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Thank you and God bless.

Fr Billy

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